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Gilat Satcom is a communication solutions provider that offers domestic and international satellite based connectivity services in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. With successful deployments in over 40 countries worldwide, Gilat Satcom delivers high quality, cost-effective and efficient communication solutions to Telcos, ISPs, governments, enterprise customers and international organizations.

At Gilat Satcom, we are committed to delivering the highest caliber service to our customers. Our experienced teams of technical experts and customer support centers ensure fast resolution to any service issues, thus guaranteeing business continuity. Gilat Satcom is part of the Eurocom Group, the largest communication group in Israel.

Domestic Services

Leveraging a satellite network throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Gilat Satcom brings connectivity to customers operating beyond the reach of traditional telecommunications. The company offers private network, cellular backhaul and broadcast services for organizations, mobile operators and broadcasters.

Private networks - Organizations can rely on a secure, satellite based communication platform that connects all of their branches, even the most remote. Gilat Satcom offers cost-effective, turnkey solutions tailored to meet each customer's unique needs.

Cellular backhaul - Mobile operators can expand their network and reach remote locations beyond the reach of the terrestrial infrastructure. Gilat Satcom offers a fast and scalable satellite based communication platform that works with all Mobile equipment vendors.

Broadcast - Satellite communication is the most effective way to deliver TV channels across the country for local terrestrial distribution. Gilat Satcom enables local broadcasters to bring their content to a wider audience through affordable contribution solutions.

Turnkey projects - Gilat Satcom provides turnkey projects from design, planning, deployment, operation and on-going support. With our expert teams creating world class communication solutions, customers can focus on their core business.

International Services

Gilat Satcom provides world class solutions for the challenging, global communication needs. Our solutions leverage the leading fixed and mobile satellite networks to provide a rich service offering. Internet Connectivity via Satellite - Reliable internet connectivity is a must for any successful business operation. Gilat Satcom delivers world class broadband satellite-based communication solutions for internet backbone access, backup and VSAT services.

MPLS - MPLS is the most common approach to providing reliable and efficient data delivery of mission critical business information. Gilat Satcom offers a satellite based MPLS broadband service for international service providers and global organizations that need to connect remote branches using high-performance links to their core network. Mobile Satellite Services - Whether on land, in flight or at sea, Gilat Satcom provides essential communications services to customers in remote areas where no other form of communication is available. Our services are ideal for government agencies, emergency services, transportation, oil & gas corporations and other entities.

VoIP Services - Telecom operators require cost effective wholesale VoIP to reach specific countries. International organizations need high quality call distribution from their remote locations to worldwide destinations. Gilat Satcom provides global wholesale and project based VoIP services, including infrastructure and system integration, to international operators, carriers and corporations.


Target markets

Gilat Satcom provides tailored solutions to a wide variety of target markets. With a communication network leveraging the leading fixed and mobile satellite platforms, we deliver high quality connectivity services worldwide.

  • ISPs and Telcos
  • Mobile operators
  • Broadcasters
  • Corporate customers and NGOs
  • Energy and utilities
  • Banking and finance

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